Webinar: Transportation Asset Risk Assessment: Climate Risk Assessment Tools and Frameworks for the Transportation Sector - Shared screen with speaker view
Suzanne Seiling
Hello, everyone. I am your technical support person for today’s webinar. If you have any technical issues during the webinar, please click on the name Suzanne Seiling from the attendee list and “start a private chat” with me.Also, feel free to type out your questions for the presenters here; but please note that we will be addressing questions during the designated Q&A session.
Raymond Wilcock
Have you taken a look at the carbon footprint of materials procured? Concrete versus steel versus plastic, etc.
Sameem Shah
jeff currey
not yet
Jim Barnes
could you please use full screen
Raymond Wilcock
Without Federal legislation on carbon reduction that has teeth, how can we expect to see Canada meeting the Paris Accord?
Alexa Bradley
We are approaching the Q&A period, therefore, please continue to pose your questions for our presenters. Great turn out today! Thank you everyone for your attendance.
Could you tell wether the recording will be available?
Joel Mateo
Thank you for presentations. They were very detailed and useful. Could these presentations be shared? Thank you.
Patrick Mazerolle
more of a curiosity question more than anything, but I was wondering if TC is involved in the Ice Roads used to supply remote villages in Northern Canada
Alexa Bradley
Yes, a recording of today's webinar will be circulated afterwards to those who registered. We will also be circulating a post-webinar survey and French copies of the slides.
Adeline Kilicaslan
With our TARA projects, we would like to see more "robust" recommendations, supported by regulations, standards and codes so that we can ensure that TC technical services can continue to implement mitigation measures. The consultants tell us that this is the 4th stage of the PVIEC (engineering step) and therefore need an additional mandate. Since I do not have access to the PVIEC document, I do not know what the 4th stage is, so I do not know if I will be benefiting from having this engineering step done. Could we be told what the 4th step is and whether other TC clients have the same issue?
stephen bourne
For the second presenter, please explain "cumulative probability" For the 2040 map, for example, what does it mean if a point is underwater, whereas it wasn't under water in the 2020 map.
Paul Sheppard
How do you get permission to use the various frameworks that were discussed, is there a user fee or need to purchase access.
Sean Smith
Gary, I'm sure there's quite a range of expected increased runoff across the highway, and the time frames, but would you say there's some average rule-of-thumb for say, y2100? I've heard +15% for Vancouver area.
Quentin Chiotti
Does anyone from TARA have any experience with setting performance expectations vis-à-vis force majeure conditions relative to climate change projections? Am familiar with the GNWT addressing this, but interested to know who else is dealing with this issue.
Adeline Kilicaslan
Great Dan, thank you!
Michael Daudlin
If anyone has any general questions about the TARA initiative and can't fit them in today, please feel free to email me at michael.daudlin@tc.gc.ca. Thank you!
Suzanne Seiling
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Jason Tran
thank you for the presentations!
David Lapp
Great webinar - thanks to all the presenters!
Todd Kealey
Derek Gray
Thank you all. Stay well.
Adrian Nyland
Thank you!
Teanna Chase
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